Growing up as a boy in Hampton, VA, Chad was always interested in building. Friends and family thought he would become an architect. Throughout high school, his parents gave him the freedom to remodel their attic into a light and spacious family room, build an octagonal deck and hot tub enclosure onto the back of their house, and complete many other wonderful projects.

During his college years at Dartmouth, Chad began to think about teaching. With a degree in hand, he landed a job as a high school teacher. After several years of teaching, Chad moved to Madison to pursue graduate degree.

Chad began to support himself as a self employed remodeler during graduate school and soon hired friends and family to help complete his many projects. Though he loved his studies, Chad’s renewed interest in carpentry quickly proved more engaging than graduate school. After his children were born, Chad decided that a home remodeling business was something that he could do, while balancing the needs of his family.

Today, Chads Design Build (formerly Chads Desgin Build) has a staff of talented individuals, including carpenters in the field and office personnel who are involved with estimating, design, sales, project management, and accounting. They proudly provide a wonderful set of benefits for their employees and continue to place a high value on education. As a company, Chad’s Design Build offers educational opportunities to their staff as often as possible and, as a family, Chad works with flexibility in mind and is fortunate to be able to spend time with his children as much as possible. Chad trained and tested to become a NARI Certified Remodeler and many members of his staff worked very hard to become Certified Lead Carpenters.